Seduction - A Liam Payne Fanfiction

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Why is it that when you know someone is strictly off-limits, you want them more than anything? Doesn’t matter if you even have the slightest chance in conquering that certain someone. Doesn’t matter if you actually want them for them, or just because of the game…the thrill. They become an obsession - a need.
You fantasize about endless ways of stealing them away from their lovers. You only have one goal. One desire.

And in my case, it was Liam Payne I wanted… lusted for.

He was the one I desired to seduce.

Definition of Seduction:

1. The act of seducing; especially : the enticement of a person to sexual intercourse

2. Something that seduces : temptation

3. Something that attracts or charms

Most importantly however, seduction is an art. A way of enticing someone to giving in what you secretley know they want as well, but simply can’t.

Seduction is an effort; a project; a labor. He most certainly is worth it.

The thing you don’t realise during this game, however, is how hard you can fall for your object of desire; without even realising you are.


I stared out the window, watching the people, houses and trees rushing by the train I was in. Drumming my fingers on my jean-clad thigh as I subconsciously bobbed my head in rhythm to the sounds of B.o.B. that filled my eardrums through my earphones, I took a sip out of my Starbucks coffee; anything to keep myself awake at this ungodly hour.

No matter how often I’d been told that early mornings were nothing out of the ordinary when choosing this profession, I still didn’t want to believe it. Never ever would I have thought that, as a dancer you’d have to be up and ready at sometimes 5:30. Who even had decided this shit? At least today I had to be at the studio at a reasonable hour, 10:30.

Pulling the hood of my sweater further over my forehead, I yawned loudly; only to be earning a stern glare from the elderly man sitting across from me. Mumbling a “Sorry.”, I sat up straight and downed the coffee I was holding in one, big gulp.
Thankfully, it showed its power and managed to keep me awake for the remaining 15-minute-ride.

I swung my sports bag over my shoulder as I left the train and station. Pulling my phone out of the pocket of my leather jacket, I hid my mouth and nose behind the material of my scarf as the cold air hit my face. Opening the message containing the address of the studio, I glanced from my screen and back up to the street names every few seconds.

Sighing with happiness as I finally arrived at the studio, I pushed the door to and felt a shiver run up my spine due to the change of temperature. I could already hear loud chatter erupting from the inside.
As I went further into the building, I instantly spotted familiar faces; one of which, was a friend of mine: Holly. Her blond hair was braided and her big brown eyes sparkled as she approached me. “There you are! I thought Phil had lied to me saying you were coming as well!”, she laughed, pulling me into a hug. “He actually told me you would be here, that’s how he managed to persuade me.”, I chuckled.

“I did not lie to either of you!” A sudden, rather high-pitched male voice sounded from the left, making us whip our head to its origin. Walking towards us was Phil, the choreographer, with a big smile on his handsome face. He also pulled me into a hug and I inhaled his lovely scent deeply. Pulling back, he still had his arm round my middle and smiled. “You’re going to be very excited when I tell you all why you’re here.”

I grinned like a fool as I looked at him; blue eyes and short blonde hair, nicely shaped lips and perfectly straight teeth - not to mention his amazing body. If he weren’t gay, I’d gone for him a long time ago. What a shame.
“You’re making me nervous.”, I giggled as he loosened his grip around me. “No need to be! Not yet, anyway. Follow me!” With a wink, he gestured us to follow him with his hand and headed into the main studio.

Glancing over at Holly, who looked just as confused as I was, we both went after him. The few other dancers, some of which I recognized and some of which I had never seen before, also headed into the studio, before Phil told us to sit down.
His back was facing us as he looked into one of the 4 mirrored walls, before clapping his hands.

“So, girls.”, he began, turning around to face us. Frowning as he didn’t say boys, I took a look around and noticed there really were only girls here.
“You must all be wondering why I asked you to come.
Well basically, I’ve been addressed by the management of a well-known band about a tour of theirs coming up soon and I’ve been asked if I wanted to choreograph it. I said yes.”

It was as if I was back in school, everyone looking at each other with wide eyes and confused expressions, before our attention was brought back to Phil at the front. “They’ve told me they wanted dancers as well and have given me the freedom of deciding which ones to take with me. And I’ve chosen you.” A smile spread across my face as I watched him continue.
“So basically I’ve gathered you all here to ask you if you would want to?”

“Which band is it anyway?”, Holly asked. “Ah, right. It’s One Direction.”
“I’m in!”, I stated confidently, raising my hand as I laughed lightly.
One Direction. Fit, fit boys. Just what I liked.
Laughter erupted from around me as everyone agreed. “Perfect!”, Phil laughed with his hands in the air, “I’ll give you all the information you need after today. But right now, I think we should just dive right into the choreography?”

Everyone cheered as they got up and headed into the changing rooms; me included. Throwing my bag onto the bench, I pulled my scarf and jacket off, before changing into a pair of leggings and an oversize jersey.
Walking into one of the bathrooms, I filled a bottle with water, before placing it on the counter and looked at myself in the mirror.

My hair had grown, but I liked it. I liked how the dark brown colour of it flowed down over my shoulders like chocolate.
I also liked my eyes. I liked how they were dark green, but everyone who didn’t look at them from a short distance thought they were brown. I generally liked my face. I liked myself; a trait of which I’d learned from my mother. Respect yourself, otherwise you won’t be able to respect anybody else.

“Eva?.”, Holly smiled, peeking her head through the door. “Coming!”, I replied, before quickly tying my hair up into a bun.
So this would officially be day Nr. 1 of the rehearsals for a tour, I thought as I walked into the main studio.

My first tour. And it was with a famous boyband. How much better could it get?!


Sweat covered my body as I gulped the remainder of my water-bottle down; sighing breathlessly as I finished it. “You’re killing me, Phil.”, I laughed, brushing the palm of my hand over my forehead. “It’s called ‘Pushing someone to their limits’.”, he corrected with a smile. “No, definitely killing.”, Lisa, one of the - in total 5 - dancers, laughed along, fanning her face with her hands. Her tanned skin was covered with sweat, and her mass of curly hair was pulled up into a bun.

“When do the superstars rehearse with us anyway?”, Lynn asked, brushing a strand of brown hair out her face. “Yeah, it’s been two days?”, Jade, the last of us 5 dancers asked; her light brown, bob-cut styled hair pushed back by a hairband.

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you girls about.”, the choreographer said. “The boys will be here from Thursday on. Despite the fact the boys won’t actually be doing any choreographies, you’ll still have to dance with them, if you know what I mean.” Phil walked up and down the studio as he explained everything to us, gesticulating wildly with his hands. “You’ll each get one boy assigned, so to speak.. one boy that is the main one you’ll be dancing with. But you’re gonna have to work with the others as well. It’s not as easy as it sounds.”

“So there’ll be some space for us to…subtly grope them?”, Lynn asked with a mischievous glint in her eyes, making everyone laugh. “Don’t tell the boys, but…yes!”, Phil replied with laughter, shaking his head and rolling his eyes as we all cheered.

We were really lucky to be working with Phil. Not everyone in this business was as sweet, or laid-back as he was. There was only a fair amount of choreographers you could actually talk to and share your thoughts and criticism with; and in this case, gossip with.
But then again, I didn’t know if any of this was really true. I’d only ever worked with three choreographers yet. It was safe to say I was quite the newbie in dancing; not that I only just started dancing. In fact, I’ve been dancing since I was about 5 years old. But considering everything that happened at home, I didn’t really get a chance to pursue that dream.

Work, chores and duties at home, combined with going to school made it almost impossible to continue with dancing at all, let alone attend some sort of dance college like all the other girls had; but I did it. I took the time to do what I loved. And now here I was, rehearsing for my first ever tour - which simultaneously was my, only, 5th gig. It did seem kind of daunting, but at the same time it was exhilarating. Especially if it meant spending lots and lots of time with fit boys… but sadly, that’s what they were. Boys.
I myself was only 19, but so was the majority of the members of One Direction. Men being far less mature than women was common knowledge, which was why I was a bit…thrown off. What if they were as immature as they were sometime portrayed as?… but then again, the stories about them being linked to and photographed with numerous girls, could be just exactly how they were. Or maybe they were completely different.

As I thought about it, it now became clear. 5 dancers, 5 members. One each.
And as far as I knew, I’d be lucky to be paired with any of them. They were all respectably good looking.
Unfortunately however, I knew two of them were taken; one of those girlfriends was Danielle Peazer - a pretty curly haired, and the probably most wanted dancer in the Uk at this moment… all thanks to her famous boyfriend.
By that, I didn’t mean she wasn’t talented - because she obviously was. And neither did I mean she was an unpleasant person; nor did I mean she was a pleasant one. I hadn’t met her and probably never would’ve. But now, being on tour with her boyfriend, I probably would meet her. I didn’t know whether I should be excited or intimidated.

The next days passed quickly, but left me going home at a very late hour every night, thoroughly exhausted. Thoughts of the tour nearing with every passing second made my stomach bubble with emotions every night I went to sleep in my flat; preventing me from the actual falling asleep part. My laptop came to good use, helping me do some research on the band we’d be touring with. It was quite clear how they were supposed to come across; basically like every other band as well.

Thursday soon arrived - the day all the dancers had restlessly been waiting for. I didn’t think it as a surprise as all the girls looked as if they’d put more effort into their clothing; obviously wanting to make a good impression. I didn’t judge them; because so did I.
I wore my forever loved baggy, grey sweatpants and a purple sports bra on top; my hair pulled up into a bun. And maybe there also was some blusher on my cheeks and an extra layer of lipbalm on my lips and mascara on my lashes. Maybe.

Us dancers had already gathered in the studio; dressed and ready for action, but the boyband was nowhere to be seen. Much to our dismay, Phil began with rehearsing. Only for One Direction to arrive when we were mid-choreography and already sweating our asses off. But sadly, we didn’t notice.
Every single woman in the room was concentrating on the steps we’d practised these last few days, bobbing our heads in rhythm to the music as we lost ourselves; until it suddenly stopped.

Confused mutters echoed through the room, when everyone turned their heads to the door; eyes meeting with those of rather amused and satisfied looking young men.
“Girls, it’s One Direction!”, Phil almost squealed, passing us by and greeting each and every one of them.

Grabbing my towel from the side, I dabbed my arms and face, before following the other girls to say our hello’s.
Boy, they were really handsome in real life. Perfectly styled,  perfectly combed hair, perfect smiles. They sure knew what they were doing.
I was last in line and stood there waiting as everyone else exchanged their greetings; when a set of dark eyes accidentally met mine.

If I remembered correctly, that was the guy who belonged to Peazer. His hair was much shorter than in all the videos and photos; he must’ve gotten it cut. My chest rose and fell both with nerves and both with exhaustion of the previous dancing as he almost squinted his eyes while looking at me.
Licking my lips out of habit, his glance shortly fell down to them, before springing back up to meet my eyes.
He was the one who I’d classified as the adorable, geeky one. But as I lost myself in his almost frightening stare, feeling as though his orbs were penetrating me, I realised he was not at all as innocent as he’d been made out to be. His eyes resembled pools of chocolate; a sin and danger to women.


The next few days of rehearsals were going good. The dancers put their most effort into the routines, and the boys put all they had into sounding, as well as presenting themselves on stage, as best as they could.
Even though there wasn’t many things us dancers did on stage, we still had to give our best. The whole concept of us being on stage wasn’t to lay down some crazy, confusing and over the top dance-routine; it was to just give the show a little something extra, a little something their first tour had lacked.

Everyone had met and got along perfectly fine. Polite chit-chat and smalltalk was exchanged during our breaks and here and there a small joke made us all erupt into equally as shy laughter.
Phil, of course, noticed our held-back behaviour and decided to put an end to this, by using one of his ‘famous techniques’. Whatever that meant.

“Can you boys each take a chair and sit next to each other? But leave a bit of space between your seats.”, he ordered, gesturing towards the supply-room. Confused stares were exchanged between the singers, but they did as the choreographer told them.
“And you girls, go get your coats and then each take on of those hats, okay?”, he grinned mischievously and we all frowned at him as we went into the changing rooms.

“What the hell is he up to?”, Lisa hissed as she took her coat from the hanger. The four of us shrugged in response as we went back inside.
I pulled my hair out of its ponytail as I put  the hat on, while slipping my arms into my jacket. “Phil, what is all of this?”, I laughed, shaking my head in amusement as I watched the boys carry their chairs across the studio.

Obviously ignoring my question with giving me nothing but a smile, he clapped his hands. “Everyone ready?”, he asked, earning a couple of small nods, accompanied with completely confused faces.
“Alright then. Girls.”, Phil said, gesturing for us to stand in a line as well; one girl in front of one boy. I was placed in front of a very smug looking Harry, his trademark, lopsided grin making me laugh lightly.

“Ladies, once I turn the music on, you’ll have to give your best and…well, dance for the man in front of you. That is until I clap my hands, then you go on to the other. Just consider it as a kind of speed-dating..only with dancing.”, he laughed, looking as excited as a small child on Christmas Eve. “I want to see how you work with each of the boys. Now then.”, he said, walking over to the stereo and putting a CD in. “Showtime.”

I took in a deep breath as I gulped and turned to face the boys that sat on their chairs a few feet away from us.
Phil pressed the ‘play’ button and I couldn’t help but laugh as the familiar sounds of a familiar Joe Cocker song echoed through the studio. Of course he’d chosen a song where we’d basically have to strip to.

Holly shot me a sideways look, before returning her attention to the boyband member that was in front of her; Louis.
Inhaling deeply, I tapped my foot on the floor, before taking a small step forwards, slowly and subtly swaying my hips from side to side. I knew the song backwards and forwards, so I was very much aware of all the different pieces of clothing that had to go. First, however, was my coat.

Harry bit his lips as he watched my slowly approaching him, sliding the coat off my arms slowly, before discarding it on the floor behind me.
A grin arose on the curly headed’s face as he kept his eyes on me, parting his legs in a manly manner as he leant back into the stool.

Biting the inside of my cheek, I stopped as I stood a few feet in front of him; just about to pull out a few, naughty dance-moves, when Phil suddenly clapped and off I had to go to the next. Giving a rather disappointed looking Harry a shrug and a wink, I turned to my right and now found myself stood in front of Zayn.
It was obvious he tried playing it cool, a slightly smug smile playing on his lips, yet the little blush in his cheeks didn’t go unnoticed by me.

Moving my hips and body in rhythm to the music, I loosely grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head. Zayn’s eyes grew as I was left in my sports bra and a pair of joggers… and the hat.
“Go on boys, don’t be shy.”, Phil laughed, encouraging them to participate.
Zayn bit his lip as he looked at me form beneath his frustratingly long lashes, reaching forward to grab my hands as I swirled my hips and got down in front of him, my hands up in the air as he still held onto them.

Phil’s clapping echoed through the music again and I slowly got up to a standing position again, giving Zayn’s hands a friendly squeeze, accompanied with a smile and went onto the next boy… man.
My pulse quickened instantly as I caught his eyes; remembering the very first time I’d seen them. Liam.
I took slow steps towards him as he kept his eyes on me, trailing them down my body as I slightly swayed it from side to side.

Before I even registered what was happening, his hands were suddenly on my hips, spinning my body around so my back was facing him. His hands on my bare skin made goosebumps arise on my body as he forced my hips to move from side to side. Doing just that, I leant the front of my body to the ground, yet inched my bottom towards him.
Swaying my hips as I got back up to a seating position, I turned back around. Liam’s fingers suddenly teased the waistband of my joggers, jokingly cocking an eyebrow at me.

His full lips began moving as he quietly began to sing along, the words of the song slipping from his tongue so effortlessly, yet making my insides boil nonetheless. Unable to hide a small smile, I pushed his shoulders back and placed my legs either side of him.
I continued my movements as I placed my hands on his shoulders, fingertips brushing over the skin of his neck as I subtly ground my hips onto his.

I was completely unaware of the other people around us at the moment, the only thing I could focus on was how ridiculously sexy it was to be dancing for, and also with, Liam at that moment. Ever since that overwhelmingly intense few seconds of eye-contact we’d had when we’d met, there hadn’t really been anything other than some friendly chit-chat between us.

I knew for a fact he was taken and from what I’d heard, he wasn’t the type to cheat. That, however, did not stop from all the thoughts of where this could go if we’d been alone at that time from arising in my brain.
Dirty, filthy thoughts of all the things Liam would most definitely be capable of doing.

Being - far too - caught up in this whole thing, I almost overheard Phil’s clapping and was sadly forced to move onto the next boy.


I stuffed my sweaty clothing into my bag, before swinging the straps over my shoulder. Calling a goodbye to the other girls, I pulled my woolhat over my hair and stepped outside. The cold air hit my face like a brickwall and I pulled the sleeves of my coat further over my fists in a poor attempt to keep warm.
Reaching into my bag, I pulled my iPod out, groaning inwardly as I began untwirling the mess of my earphones.

Proud to have untangled them, I put them in; instantly turning the volume up to its highest as the music began playing. Just as I was about to head to the train-station, I suddenly felt a hand on my arm, causing me to whip my head around swiftly.
It was Harry standing behind me, smiling widely as he gave me a slight wave and mouthed a “See you”, before hurrying to the awaiting car. Smiling and waving back at him, I watched as he got in the car.

Ready to walk off, an all too familiar face appeared in my sight, stopping in front of the car, as the person gave a small nod and smile, before hopping into the car. I took in a deep breath as I tried stopping those thoughts from re-appearing again; yet failed greatly. And I didn’t feel bad for even just one of them.


I kicked the door shut with my foot, helplessly juggling all my belongings and the take-away Chinese in my hands. My key was dangling from in between my teeth as the incessant ringing from my phone echoed through my small apartment. “Fuck off!”, I mumbled incomprehensibly. Reaching the sofa, I let everything tumble down onto it, placing my dinner on the little coffee table in front of it.

“What?!”, I then exclaimed breathlessly down the phone as I finally managed to pull it out of the pocket of my coat. “Woah, Merry Christmas to you too.”, the half surprised, half amused voice of my little brother emerged from the other line. “Oh Max, it’s you..”, I sighed, slumping myself onto the sofa and on top of my stuff; but not giving a shit.

“What’s up with you?”, he laughed and I couldn’t help but smile as I listened to the dearly missed melodic sound to it. “Nothing, I’m just tired from practice and literally just got in…”
“Right, practice, how’s it going with that?”, Max asked. “It’s going…good.”, I replied and smiled to myself as I reminisced in the happenings of earlier today. The way Liam had just grabbed me, really taken me and with that, the control over me. He sure knew what he was doing.

“Ah, that’s nice.”, my brother retaliated and it was then I heard a knocking down his end. “Hold on, someone’s at the door.”, he then mumbled and I could hear some faint noises as he opened the door. I heard him laughing, followed by another giggle that could only belong to a girl. “Is that Allison?”, I asked loudly, hoping to catch his attention. “What?”

“I asked if that was Ally?”, I repeated with a sigh. “Uh, yeah,.. yeah, it is.”
I grinned to myself as I heard the smile in his voice. Allison was the girl he’d been in love with ever since she’d transferred to his school, and now that they were both in their last year in school and would go to the same Uni, the sparks had also ignited on her part.
They’d always been good friends and nobody except me knew just how much deeper the feelings my baby brother had for her, were. Now, they were happily together. Basically, the perfect couple. Vomit.

“Say hi to her for me.”, I said slyly, only to be receiving a snort, but he then did as I asked. “Hi, Eva!”, I heard her call.
“I gotta go now, we’re gonna watch a movie.”, Max uttered, chuckling at something Ally said. “Oooooh.. a movie, huh?”, I challenged jokingly. “Yes, a movie.”, he replied with a sigh. “Okay, okay, a movie. I’ll talk to you soon, yeah? Take care of yourself.”

“Yeah, will do!”, he said in an absent tone, just about to hang up, before I quickly intervened. “Hey Max?”, I said, only to be earning a humming. “How’s Dad?”
“He’s… fine, as always.”, he replied and I knew that only I could understand the change of tone in his voice. “Give him a kiss from me, okay?”, I said, before we hung up.
Sighing, I closed my eyes and leant my head back.

Ever since my mother had passed away six years ago, our family had changed. It was obvious she wouldn’t make it when the doctors diagnosed her with a late stage of breast cancer, but the hope had always been there. That was until her heart stopped beating and the beeping sound stopped.

I had taken over the mother role ever since the disease had been proven to be there. My Dad fled from the problems and plunged himself into work, leaving himself no free time, which he used to take care of my sick mother.
And then there was me, the one who took care of everything. The one who looked after my brother, helped him with his homework, made his lunch bags, drove him to his soccer-practice. The one who made dinner, cleaned the house, all combined with also looking after my mother, not to mention going to school, studying and dancing.

It hadn’t been easy, that was for sure. But it was for something at least, I’d always thought. I worked my butt off, just so maybe it would make my Mum healthy again. But it didn’t.
After the funeral, my Dad started showing up more often, although the constant bad mood he was in didn’t make his more frequent appearances any more appealing. He’d always been an edgy person, one that got aggressive and angry quickly. My father had hit me once in my life and I knew that he hasn’t forgiven himself to this day. He was a good person and I loved him with all my heart. He was just my father.

Max and I had grown apart a bit the first few months after the funeral. It was obvious that he didn’t know how to deal with the fact our mother was dead and I’d initially been afraid he’d turn to drugs or alcohol. Instead, he turned to the decision to become a professional soccer player and trained harder than ever. I guess dancing had been my very own escape.

I’d started dancing because my mother had always wanted me to. She’d been a passionate dancer herself and wanted me to pursue the career she’d never managed to. So I did. I danced for her, but as time passed, I did it because I enjoyed it.

I haven’t been able to handle the fact my mother was gone. I still didn’t want her being gone to be true. I used to watch her putting her make-up on, used to giggle when she caught my eye through the mirror, laugh even louder when she would put a bit of lipstick on my lips as well. She was just a real mother and for her to be ripped from life was simply not fair.

I gulped the lump in my throat down as a single tear rolled out of the corner of my  eye. “God.”, I sighed with a slight laugh, before sitting upright. The smell of my Chinese take-away suddenly drifted up my nose and I remembered just how hungry I was.
Slipping out of my jacket, I turned the TV on and headed into the kitchen to get cuttlery and something to drink.

As I then sat on my sofa, happily munching away, my phone suddenly beeped, indicating I’d just received a text. The end of a noddle peeked out of the corner of my mouth pressed a few buttons, noticing the message was from Phil.
“Chicas, a fluttery dress would be a wise thing to wear tomorrow! Hasta manana! - P”

Frowning, I squinted my eyes as I re-read the message. What was that supposed to mean?


Wearing a dress in this weather would’ve been positively insane. That’s why I’d opted to wearing my most beloved jeans and carrying my dress in my bag. The cold was stinging on my skin, making me mentally curse myself because I’d forgotten to bring gloves as I’d gotten up too late this morning. Hurriedly taking my last few steps, I pushed the door to the studio open; heaving a breath of relief at finally being in the warmth.

Swiftly heading towards the changing rooms, I noticed all the girls were already wearing their dresses. “Hey guys.”, I smiled, quickly shimmying out of my jacket and pushing my UGGs off my feet. “Do you have any idea what Phil’s up to?”, Lynn asked me.

“No, no idea.”, I shrugged, quickly pulling my jumper off. It was then I began feeling uncomfortable about getting changed in front of all the other girls. It wasn’t like I wasn’t proud of my body, because I was. I was slim, yet still had curves. But in comparison to the other girls, I was slightly… well, bigger. Each one of them was thoroughly trained, had muscles in the right places and seemingly no fat at all.

“Uh, I gotta pee real quick.”, I then announced, walking towards the bathroom. “Okay, we’re going on.”
“Tell Phil I’ll be right there!”, I called out, before hurrying inside. Glancing at myself in the mirror, I took a deep breath. Shaking at myself for behaving in such a silly way, I couldn’t help but laugh. “Confidence.”, I told myself, running my hands through my hair. “Confidence.

Back in the changing room, I quickly changed into my dark red, fluttery dress and grabbed my water bottle, before jogging into the main studio.

Groaning inwardly as I caught a glance of everyone already being inside, I took a deep breat, before going inside. “Sorry.”, I said, hurrying to the girls. I didn’t try and make eye-contact with anyone in particular, yet it was Harry that gave me a warm grin as a greeting when I unintentionally caught his eye. Giving him a nod and smile in return, I couldn’t help but blush as I felt his gaze linger on me. Slightly tilting my head to look at him once more, I had to keep a giggle in as he grinned once more.

Playfully squinting my eyes at him, he caught his bottom lip in between his teeth as he kept on smiling his ridiculously beautiful smile.
It was obvious how sure of himself he was. He knew what he was doing. It was after several more moments of the little, silent game between Harry and I, that I suddenly felt another pair of eyes on me.

I knew who it was. Just by the intensity of it, I could tell. Shifting my gaze to him, I kept my face emotionless as our eyes met. His lashes framed his beautiful eyes perfectly, his plump and full lips begging to be put to good use. I got lost in the moment of having unadulterated thoughts about him as our eyes stayed locked, fixed stares that were almost evilly intense.
The sound of my name suddenly warped me back to reality and I blinked a couple of times to regain composure.

“Sorry what?”, I said, utterly confused. Sighing, Phil raised an eyebrow at me as he repeated what he’d just said.  “I said”, he began, “that I went through all your files the other day and I noticed”, he smiled, “that you, my dear Eva, have some Cuban in you.”
Nodding slowly, I furrowed my brows together. “Then I’m sure, or at least I hope so otherwise this whole plan of mine would be destroyed, you can assist me today.”

“Assist you? How?”, I laughed nervously. Grinning smugly, he placed his finger on the play button of the stereo. He pressed down on it and after a second or two, an exotic sounding song echoed throughout the room. Rolling my eyes, I couldn’t help but laugh at Phil as he extended his hand for me to take. “We’re going to Salsa today!”, he exclaimed with a laugh as he guided us to the middle of the dancefloor.

I blushed uncontrollably, feeling incredibly put on the spot as Phil suddenly twirled me around, before placing his hands on my hips from behind. “You guys surely know that Salsa also means spicy sauce.”, Phil began as his and my hips moved together rhythmically, jokingly tapping my bum as the word ‘spicy’ left his lips. Chuckling, I threw my head back in embarrassment.
“This dance has different styles. But each one of them as one thing in common: there’s a lot of body contact.”

“So.”, he then announced, slightly out of breath as we’d moved for a bit longer. “Is there anyone who can dance Salsa as well?”
There was a silence for a bit as everyone shook their heads. Everyone but one person.
“I took a class once.”, Liam said with a shrug. “No idea if I can still do it though.”, he laughed. “You dance with Eva then.”, Phil said, before turning to the others. “You find a partner and repeat after me.”

I gulped as I glanced over at Liam. Fore once, and I could’ve sworn it was one of the first times, he smiled as he approached me. “I apologize in advance for stepping on your feet.”
Grinning I shook my head and waved it off. “Don’t be silly, I bet you’re great.” His lips curved into a smile as he stopped right in front of me. I arched an eyebrow as we stood there, both not moving. “Well then.”, Liam said, clearing his throat.

He reached for my hands and I hesitantly gave in. His big hands engulfed mine and then, we stood there again. “Okay.”, I laughed, making a small step forward and dropping one side of my hip as I did so. Liam nibbled the inside of his cheek as we continued to just move from side to side, back and forth a bit, before he seemed to get the hang of it back. “I’m gonna twirl you around in a second, okay?”, he laughed. “Okay, but don’t let me fall.”, I retaliated with a chuckle. “One, two, three”, he said, before extending his arm and spinning me around on the spot with a loud laugh.

It was weird. Fun, yet weird. I hadn’t had a normal conversation with him before, but here I was, dancing and laughing as if we’d known each other forever. There were moments, however. Moments were he’d touch me somewhere and a tingle would shoot up my spine; moments where he’d look at me and I’d have to prevent myself from jumping on him right there and then. I’d almost lost it when he’d pressed my backside against his front, his heavy breathing sounding right by my ear. Grabbing his hands, I slid it down my waist, over my hips and all the way down to my thigh, before turning around in his grip and positioning a thigh in between his. His hands stayed planted on my hips as he moved them side to side in rhythm to the music.

“Eva, can you help me?”, a voice interrupted my mood. Glancing over my shoulder, I saw it was Harry standing behind us, sweaty and seemingly desperate. “Yeah, ‘course.”, I smiled, before turning back to Liam. “Thanks for the dance.”, I said, before taking a step back. He did nothing but nod and give me a small smile in return.

Turning on my heel, I headed towards Harry. “What’s the problem?”, I asked, giving him a bump with my elbow. “I am not good at this.”, the curly haired dreamboy said with a slight laugh. “Here.”, I urged, “Give me your hands.”

“And now, do this.”, I said, showing him what to do with his foot. “You just have to handle me, really.” Like Liam did, I thought. Do it like Liam.
“That I can do.”, he laughed, his bright eyes twinkling cheekily as he brought his hands to my hips and grabbed them; roughly, yet smoothly. I bit my lip as I laughed at our movements. This wasn’t Salsa, but it was… hot.
In comparison to Liam, who was reserved and only had his moments of open sexuality, Harry went all in and was much more relaxed. He grabbed and touched me, looked at me and licked his lips in the right moment. My heart thumped beneath my chest as there was a continuous tension between us; one that undoubtedly was of sexual nature.
What had I gotten myself into with this tour?


”What are you doing this weekend?”, Jade asked me as we strolled out of the changing rooms after yet another tiring 5 hours of training. “Don’t know…probably nothing.”, I laughed, swinging my bag over my shoulder. “What if we all go out Saturday night?”, she asked, “You know, girls night out?”

“Girls night out, huh?”, a deep voice with a strong accent sounded from behind us. Niall suddenly appeared, resting his arms on mine and Jade’s shoulders. “I’d like to see that. Does it end in a wet T-shirt contest?”, he asked, grin on his lips.

“Oi, Harry!”, he chuckled as we rolled our eyes. “What do you think of a girls night out this Saturday?” The curly haired came walking over to us immediately, now by my side. I smiled at his cheeky grin as he shrugged a shoulder. “Depends…does it end in a wet T-shirt contest?”

Niall’s unmistakable laugh echoed in my ears and even I couldn’t help but laugh. “You guys are so typical.”, Jade murmured as they high-fived each other. “Please. You haven’t heard our best material yet.”, Niall grinned, tickling Jade’s side and therefore removing his arm from my shoulders. The two of them cackled away as they stumbled around and Harry gave a small chuckle. “He so wants in her pants.”

“Hey!”, I protested, giving him a small nudge with my elbow. Harry only smiled in response, keeping the eye-contact for a few seconds. “Do you want us to come along or do you guys want to be on your own?”, he asked, obviously referring to Saturday night. “No, ‘course you can come…”,  I smiled, blushing as a grin exploded on his face. “Brilliant. I’ll send a car to pick you up at 8.”

“A car?”, I laughed, “I don’t need a car to come pick me up. Just text me the address of where we’re going.”
“Nice way of getting me to ask you for your number. I was at a bit of a loss as to how to actually do it. I was thinking of a string quartett or something.”, he laughed as he pulled his phone out. Tapping the digits in and saving it, I chuckled as I gave it back to him, “You’re so full of yourself.”
“A little…”, he grinned, “I got your number though, so it’s kind of understandable.”

With a wink and a nod, he turned on his heels and headed towards their car; leaving me with a little, furtive smile.


I smacked my lips together after the last coat of lipstick, giving myself a final one-over in the mirror, before grabbing my clutch and leaving my apartment. Quickly climbing into a taxi, I told the driver the address Harry had texted me.
It was strange. One part of me was excited to see Harry and everyone else; but the other part of me only wanted to see him…Liam. I wanted to know what he would be wearing, how he would look at me when he saw me, if he would even talk to me. And then I realised - I didn’t even know if he was coming at all.

I handed the driver a few notes as I climbed out, hugging my leather jacket as the freezing air hit me. The sign of the establishment in front of me blinded my eyes as I looked at the two muscular men in black suits positioned by the doors. This was the bar we were going to for drinks before the club? This “bar” alone looked like a very exclusive, very expensive, club.

Hesitantly, I walked up to the bouncers, smiling timidly as they took a look at me. “You over 18?”, the one with sunglasses - at 11 o’clock at night - asked. “Yes.”, I replied with a straight face, although scorning him inside my head for even doubting me being legal for a second. “Okay.”, he said, opening the door for me. With a subtle acknowledging nod, I walked past them and into the very modern looking, apparently, bar.

Loud dance music sounded from the speakers, tipsy people plattered across the many tables in the the wide area, a staircase leading to a second, maybe even third and fourth, floor.
My eyes shifted from left to right, trying to get a glimpse of Harry and the others. As I failed, I headed for the bar, thinking I wouldn’t look as pathetic with a drink in hand.

“Strawberry Daiquiri.”, I spoke loudly, leaning agains the counter as the bartender took knowledge of my order. I pursed my lips from side to side as I waited for my drink, exchanging meaningless, yet lasting, looks with several men around me; none of which had even the slightest bit of potential. “15,50.”, the bartender said, placing the fancy looking glass right in front of me. My eyes widened for a second. “Fucking hell.”, I muttered, unclasping my bag, ready to reach for my money - when my drink was suddenly paid for. I grunted, sure it was one of those complete losers that had been staring at me these past minutes.

Yet as I turned my head to tell them to invest that money into something else, I was taken aback when it actually was Harry. “What are you doing?”, I sighed, trying to look annoyed, yet unable to hide the threatening smile. “Hello to you too.”, he grinned, his one hand now on my waist as he gave the bartender a nod. He just shrugged his shoulders with a smile and went on to the next customer.

Leaning his head down to my level, he spoke into my ear, his voice so deep I could barely understand what he was saying over the loud noise as we were standing almost right next to the speakers, other than ‘loo’, ‘table’, and ‘minute’. My confusion must’ve been obvious as he pointed towards a table, familiar faces meeting my eyes. The next thing he pointed at was the toilets, followed by himself, and as I finally gave him a thumbs-up, he chuckled, before heading off.

With drink in hand, I began my journey towards our table; at which, much to my disappointment, a certain someone was not at.

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